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VDK Generic Images is an image production system practicing multi-disciplinary area of photography spans the relationship between image and object, nature and culture, technology and the Anthropocene, artifact and morphogenesis.

Vak Dongkyun

Vak Dongkyun is a Korean photographer based in Seoul. He translates the technological objects that are having specific functions into images. His practice is focused around variations of details that can be found on objects. He assumes that artifacts are solution to understand how the world has been building up since the advent of human technology.

His work has been displayed in numerous group exhibitions in South Korea, including at Seoul Museum of Art, the Asia Culture Center, and the Platform-L Contemporary Art Center. In March 2019, his first solo exhibition—«Universal Universe»—was presented at Archive Bomm in Seoul. In the same year, he took part in the group exhibition «Closer When Apart» in Ottawa, which was curated by Korea National University of Arts in cooperation with the Korean Cultural Centre Canada.

He has received «2017 Mirae Artist Prize» held by Park Geonhi Foundation and recently won «A New Gaze 3», the contemporary photography prize sponsored by Vontobel. 


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