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Rising Stars for 2022
January 2022
By Sophie Gladstone

The series ‘Artifacts’ has been featured in the January 2022 Next Generation issue of Wallpaper*.

Dongkyun Vak Solo Exhibition
2021.10.28 - 11.19
MON - SUN 12:00 - 18:00 (Every day)
SOSHO, 32-4, Bukchon-ro 6-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Graphic design JAEHOON CHOI
Space design DAEYOUNG KO
Sponsored by Seoul Metropolitan Government, SFAC

“Dongkyun Vak’s second solo exhibition <B777> is a photo exhibition showing the airplane. For Vak, airplanes are not just streamlined machines with long wings and fuselage. To him, airplanes appear to be a huge system that moves through sophisticated combinations of numerous humans and non-humans, including mechanical components and aviation mechanics, airport and control systems, aviation industry and international politics, passengers and crew. The artist's plane includes his own story, which implies the endless story of countless people. <B777> shows about 30 photos representing the details of enormous airplanes one by one. Viewers can assemble these pictures to make airplanes or imagine some other objects during the exhibition.” - Daewon Hwang(curator)